Nashville's Smallest Art Gallery™

About the Gallery:

It's time to think small.

About DimensionsNestled in the heart of Hillsboro Village, NSAG is the smallest functioning art gallery in Nashville, and dare we say, the world! The art is real. Really small, but real.

The gallery measures a miniscule 27 inches wide by 37 inches tall, but has been attracting the work of top artists from around the US world, and local Nashville artists alike.

In a former life, the gallery was a neglected, graffiti-covered display case. Soon with a little help from some Goo Gone, a razor blade, and a total interior makeover, the gallery started to take shape, and on March 15, 2008 NSAG was born.

The gallery lights are powered by a solar panel mounted to the top, making it the only 100% self-sufficient art gallery in Nashville (and again, perhaps the world).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Or at least asked once

So I see the display case on the wall. Is the rest of the gallery upstairs?

Nope, the display case IS the gallery.

I just bought a piece of art. When will I get it?

We ship all of the art out when the show is over.

I'm an artist and interested in having a show. What should I do?

Email curator (at) smallest art gallery (dot) com with samples of your work and your idea for the show.

Can I just pay you cash for a piece of art now?

Currently we can only accept pay-pal through the website.

What are your hours?

The gallery is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I noticed you charge 5 dollars for shipping. If I live in Nashville, can I just come by and pick up my piece after the show is complete.

Sure, just send an email to the curator to set up a time, and we'll refund your 5 bucks.

Recent Photos:

Here are some recent photos tagged "21nsag" on flickr. Feel free to add your own, or click here to view them all.