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Laura Baisden

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Selected works from Laura Baisden

The Artists:

Laura BaisdenLaura Baisden is a Nashville-based illustrator who found her niche in printmaking. In her opinion, things never look better than when they’re carved out of linoleum and run through a vandercook printing press. Laura's fondness of linocut began to flourish during her years working for Bryce McCloud at Isle of Printing.

These days she is in the business of making things look good through letterpress at historic Hatch Show Print in downtown Nashville.

The Art:
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Flying Squirrel
6” x 8” | $40 (Framed)
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Owl Trio
8” x 10” | $40 (Framed)
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Owl Duo
6.25” x 4.75” | $30 (Framed)
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14” x 18” | $170 (Framed)
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Henrietta - online only
13” x 16” | $50 (Framed)
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BISON - limited edition print
18” x 14” | $80 (print only)